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Saturday, January 05, 2013


It's a fair amount of work, being me. Always on the move to discover the next new thing. Lately it is snowshoeing and wilderness survival. I got a new car, and it's a 4x4 which has opened all my horizons. Suddenly I can go anywhere. I can explore and adventure at will and hopefully won't slide off the side of the road. So, after a ton of research, I am outfitting myself with some rudimentary survival tools to keep with me. I went snowshoeing by myself in the Jefferson Wilderness 2 weekends ago, and I still feel like that was probably stupid. It's a wonder I didn't get eaten by a cougar out there. I'm also obsessing about waterproof clothing and have ordered several pairs of Goretex pants to try out. I've been tromping around out there in my snowboarding pants and they are too bulky for snowshoeing, not allowing the freedom of movement I crave. So that's about it.


Bonnie Hull said...

try not to get eaten by a cougar...or slide off the trail without a trace...

Here and there said...

That is solid advice, lol, thanks Bonnie. :) I always follow the rule of Four Personal Responsibilities of each Backcountry traveler, the first of which is tell a reliable person exactly where you are going and when you estimate you'll return.

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